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High Quality, ISO Certified Modular HDPE Cubes

Incodock cubes are modular in nature, make them easy to assemble and interconnect with each other.



Takes less time to setup & is easily transportable. A 100 square meter floating jetty can be installed within 2 hours.

Customizable Designs

Modular in nature, making them very customizable in terms of size and shape that correspond best to your needs.

Flat & Anti-skid surface

Prevents falls and injuries caused by slippery surfaces.

Pressure-leak proof

Can carry buoyant loads up to 90kg (~198 lbs) per block without leaking pressure.

Chemical & corrosion resistant

Non-toxic and eco-friendly cubes.

100% recyclable

Easily recyclable without loss in quality. Great resale value.

Resistant to High temperatures

Can withstand temperatures up to 110° Celsius. Unaffected by ultra-violet rays.




50 cm(L) x 50 cm(W) x 40 cm(H)


HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) granules


Anti-Skid Surface


7 kgs per cube (15.4 lbs)

Buoyant Weight

360 kgs /Sqmt (793.6 lbs)
i.e 4 cubes = 1 Sqmt

Color Choice

Standard Colors

Custom Colors